23. Mai 2013

Rooted at the Mountain / Verwurzelt am Berg

"Our" gorgeous house for May - again: what do you want more?
"Unser" traumhaftes Haus für den Mai - mal wieder: was will man mehr?

Relaxing in a Cozy Cottage / Relaxen im Hexenhäuschen

A black-and-white colobus posing perfectly in the afternoon sun directly in front of our cottage
Ein schwarz-weißer Stummelaffe, perfekt posend in der Nachmittagssonne 

direkt vor unserem "Hexenhäuschen"
One of the many gorgeous sunset skies
Einer der zahlreichen prächtigen Abendhimmel
Our little cozy cottage
Unser kleines "Hexenhäuschen"
In Tanzania the big rainy season normally takes from April to May. Our intention was to lodge in a house somewhere for that time of the year, in order to digest our previous travel impressions. Also in order to relax (travelling through the African continent is namely not just exciting, inspiring and fascinating, but also exhausting. Those of you who already did what we do know what I am talking about;-)). Hence we found a romantic little cottage in the foothills of Mount Meru (which is just opposite to the Kilimanjaro), where we chill out a bit in the course of April. The site is bordering to a rainforest, and this is just fabulous! Here we are peculiarly fascinated by the variety of the exotic bird‘s twittering and by the climbing skills of our neighbours. Wild blue monkeys, black-and-white colobus and at night the bushbabies are romping around in the mighty giant trees just a few metres away from us. The variety of butterflies is sensational - one is more beautiful that the other. Alas most of them are too flighty in order to be photographed.

Once Around the Kili / Einmal um den Kili

Mawenzi, one of the two peaks of the Kili, in magnificent sunset light
Mawenzi, einer der beiden Gipfel des Kili, im großartigen Abendlicht
On the left the Mawenzi, on the right the Kibo - what an amazing view
Links der Mawenzi, rechts der Kibo - was für ein faszinierender Ausblick
Sunset at its best
Sonnenuntergang vom Feinsten
In front of us the beauty of the Amboseli/Kenya
Vor uns die Schönheit des Amboseli/Kenia
Once in a lifetime climbing Kilimanjaro, this is a dream many people have all over the world. Yearly there are more and more humans realizing their dream. Between January and December about 40,000 people seeking to climb the world‘s highest freestanding mountain by now. We are not amongst them. Martin has already been on its peak a few years ago. Also we are not trained enough at the moment in order to tackle the climbing easily. However we are not worried about it, as we decide for the alternative: once in a lifetime driving around the Kili. This is not (yet?) strongly discovered by tourists - to be precise: hardly anyone is driving the 250 km around Africa‘s highest mountain. Aside from us!

Arusha Doesn‘t Let Us Go / Arusha lässt uns nicht los

Giraffes, close enough to touch
Giraffen, zum Anfassen nahe
A two horned chameleon - a male, since females do not have horns
Ein Zweihorn-Chamäleon - männlich, denn die Weibchen tragen keine Hörner
Gecko - a true climbing artist
Gecko - ein wahrer Kletterkünstler
Being guests of a wonderful family:
Miriam with the children Luisa and Linus (alas Ossi is currently in Germany)
Zu Gast bei einer wunderbaren Familie:
Miram mit ihren Kindern Luisa und Linus (Ossi ist leider gerade in Deutschland)

For some people it is „Geneva of Africa“, for others Tanzania‘s safari capital. For us it is a place which fascinates us surprisingly. I am talking about Arusha, a town in northern Tanzania and surrounded by some of the most beautiful landscapes and National Parks of East Africa. Kilimanjaro (5895 m), Serengeti, Ngorongoro Crater, Tarangire National Park, Lake Manyara, Olduvai Gorge (the cradle of mankind) etc. - from here they are all within easy reach. Arusha with its temperate climate is situated at the foot of Mount Meru (4566 m), one of Africa‘s highest mountains. 

Warthog Attack on Momo / Warzenschwein-Attacke auf Momo

Our poor Momo being in surgery in the open
Unsere arme Momo während ihrer OP im Freien
Momo with her collar together with a warthog family - a harmless one
Momo mit Halskrause und einer Warzenschwein-Familie - allerdings einer harmlosen
Momo is fit again and enjoying life
Momo ist wieder fit und genießt ihr Leben

The Arusha National Park borders directly on the Hatari Lodge. No fences seperate the National Park from its surrounding. The lodge too is not fenced, with the result that the local wildlife such as giraffes, buffalos or warthogs stay in this areal as well. We have been told that the warthogs have already attacked the logde owners‘ dogs, and have even killed one of their shepherd dogs last December, presumably in order to protect their shotes. Although Momo is not interested in other animals nor would she hunt their offspring we increasingly keep an eye on her.

Lake Eyasi: Sometimes it sucks, but then... / Lake Eyasi: Manchmal nervt´s, aber dann...

Tuscany? No, Tanzania - somewhere between Arusha and Karatu
Toskana? Nein, Tansania - irgendwo zwischen Arusha und Karatu
Lake Eyasi
Our wild campsite on the banks of the lake
Unsere wilde Campsite am Seeufer
Behind the mountains you find the Olduvai Gorge, the cradle of mankind
Hinter den Bergen liegt die Olduvai-Schlucht, die Wiege der Menschheit 
Although the lake Eyasi at the edge of the Ngorongoro does not rate among the touristic top highlights of Tanzania it is said to be beautiful, hence we are going there. The journey is not much exciting. People along the road seem to be upstage and not notably friendly. Some kilometers ahead of the lake is a gate. It is open, however when we arrive a young man is jumping in front of our camper with the result that we have to stop. We should pay USD 20 as a fee for a cultural village which we are not interested in visiting. What is that? Modern highway robbery? After a long discussion we have had enough and just drive on.