21. Juli 2014

The Moyale-Isiolo Route - a Feared One / Die gefürchtete Moyale-Isiolo Route

On the last untarred section between "Cairo to Cape Town"
Auf dem letzten ungeteerten Stück zwischen "Kairo nach Kapstadt"
Astonished glances
Erstaunte Blicke
No 1 means of transportation: the truck
Transportmittel Nr 1: der LKW
Not dead, just taking a nap
Nicht tot, nur im Mittagsschlaf
... also the beaded jewelery
... auch der Perlenschmuck

A travelling dog? They hardly believed their eyes.
Ein reisender Hund? Sie trauten kaum ihren Augen.

We did it! Finally we were back in Kenya! This was the moment we had been longing for yearningly, and it was just great.

However this breather at the border could be only a short one. Ahead of us was the legendary Moyale-Marsabit-Isiolo route. Among travellers in Africa this 500 km section is considered to be the worst of all roads along the east route. It is called "the road to hell" - not really inviting. The driving conditions are bad to disastrous. In case of rain trucks get stuck in the mud and block the way.

On top of that, the area is also infamous for inter-tribal conflicts. Hence travellers often prefer going in a convoi escorted by the police, like some guys we just met in
Wim's Holland House in Addis a few days before.