22. Oktober 2014

Gosh, Was This a Gunshot? / Meine Güte, war das ein Schuss?

African fish eagle...
Schreiseeadler ...
... at its favorite spot, a giant tree a the first white water rapids of the Nile
... an seinem Lieblingsplatz, einem riesigen Baum an den
ersten Stromschnellen des Nils

Sunrise over the Nile...
Sonnenaufgang über dem Nil...
... and three minutes later
... und drei Minuten später
On our way to the Murchison Falls National Park
Auf unserem Weg zum Murchison Falls Nationalpark

In Uganda we went to The Haven north of Jinja, the lodge located at the first white water rapids of the Nile. Since this was the third time for us to stay there (please also see "The Haven" on the River Nile and "The Haven" II), it felt a bit like coming home. The excellent campsite, the undisturbed view of the Nile, the abundant bird life - fantastic to be back again!
After some relaxed days we headed off northward to the Murchison Falls National Park.

The first wild chimpanzees


In the afternoon, when we were about to drive along the Budongo Forest, we made out two chimpanzees in the distance, romping around on the roadside. Hey, chimpanzees! My first ones in the wild!!!

A tremendous bang!


I was still thrilled about this sight, when in a curve we all of a sudden heard a tremendous bang. "OMG, was this a gunshot?", flashed through my mind. Hence I was irritated that Martin - instead of speeding up - jamed on the brakes. He, unlike me, knew what had happened. At the end of the curve he brought the car to a complete halt. We had a look at the dilemma. The left rear tyre was exploded! Reason: tyre carcass breakdown - for the experts amongst you. This was the first exploded tyre ever for me. Apparently also for the chimpanzees in the small patch of jungle close by, since they were grumbling heavily after the bang, but they were as quiet as a mouse the moment we left the camper. Very cautious, very clever: very, very good! Unfortunately we could not spot them. But I was sure they watched us carefully.

I had to secure the site. In Africa you do so by putting broken branches on the path far enough from the vehicle. Martin was changing the tyre. Half an hour later we were able to carry on. I was not scared anymore, but the bang was still echoing in my ears.

Some kilometers later we came upon Lake Albert. We went along its coast to the north and turned eastward along the Nile River. At twilight we reached the Murchison River Lodge.

The first exploded tyre ever for me
Mein erster explodierter Reifen
Tyre carcass breakdown