31. Juli 2013

Lake Bogoria, Flamingos' Paradise in a Wild Landscape / Lake Bogoria, Paradies für Flamingos in wilder Landschaft

We are heading in northwesterly direction to Lake Bogoria, another one of the famous Rift Valley lakes, a little north of the equator. 

Arriving at the lake, we first drive northward along the westside. Albeit we have to stop very soon. For an undefined length the road is under water, partly more than 1.5m. So we have to stay here overnight in the midst of loneliness. We spend a wakeful night thanks to a heavy thunderstorm, pushing huge swarms of mosquitos (first time experience) into our cabin. Good we take our homeopathic prophylaxis regularly. (Yes, yes, I can hear your comments, dear skeptics amoungst our readers. After all we are travelling through Africa successfully in this manner, and we intend to keep it that wayJ!)

Lake Naivasha, Home to nearly 500 Species of Birds / Lake Naivasha, Heimat von fast 500 Vogelarten

I have to admit, the road between Nairobi and Lake Naivasha, about 88 km in the northwest of the Capital of Kenya, is not spectacular. Also the route to the lake itself is rather disappointing, mostly due to the countless huge and ugly greenhouses. (BTW: They are a result of the globalization since cutting flowers and vegetables for the export to Europe are growing here. About 75 % of Kenya's cutting flowers, mainly roses and carnations, come from this area. Who knows, maybe also the next bunch of roses you are buying originates from Naivasha?) „Sorry, THIS is the place where so many Nairobians spend their weekend?“ we are wondering, but only up to the point when we arrive at the bank of the lake. Then we are immediately fascinated by its picturesque beauty and excessive nature.

Elsamere - historical place with a special flair

„Born Free“, does that mean anything to you? The book has been translated into 33 languages, the film "Born Free"  won two Oscars. „Born Free“ is the story about an orphaned lion cub named Elsa who was raised in Kenya by conservationists Joy and George Adamson and later on released into the wild. Elsamere is the former home of Joy and George, situated on the shores of Lake Naivasha. We are greatly impressed by the authenticity and tranquil beautiful surroundings. Nowadays Elsamere serves as a lodge and Conservation Centre, offering a stunning afternoon tea also to external guests - much to our joy.

24. Juli 2013

Visiting my Foster „Child“ Ajabu at the DSWT / Zu Besuch im DSWT bei meinem Paten“kind“ Ajabu

Ajabu, my foster "child" - maybe soon yours as well?
Ajabu , mein Paten"kind" - vielleicht ganz bald auch deins?
With Angela, daughter of Daphne and David Sheldrick. She is now running the DSWT.
Mit Angela, der Tochter von Daphne und David Sheldrick. Sie leitet inzwischen den DSWT.
The highly coveted milk bottles
Die heiß begehrten Milchflaschen
Throwaway 1
Ex-und-hopp 1
Throwaway 2
Ex-und-hopp 2
It's drinking, dabbling, nibbling time
Trinken, plantschen, knabbern ist jetzt angesagt
And always in search of...
Und immer auf der Suche nach....

23. Juli 2013

Jungle Junction, THE Meeting Point of all Overland Travellers in Africa / Jungle Junction, DER Treffpunkt aller Overland-Reisenden in Afrika

Unspectacular entrance gate to the Jungle Junction Campsite & Lodge, 
but not for much longer. JJ's shall move soon.
Unspektakuläres Einfahrtstor zur Jungle Junction Campsite & Lodge, doch nicht mehr lange.
JJ's soll bald umziehen.

Heads up, fans of "Voetspore", the popular South African documentary adventure: 
We meet with Johan Badenhorst and his friends in Nairobi. They give the Amarok another try. 
For more information about their current adventure please go to Voetspore.
Wir staunen nicht schlecht, als drei neue und perfekt ausgestattete Amarok auf die Campsite fahren, und wir dann auch noch das Logo "Voetspore" entdecken. Dieses südafrikanische Team hatte vor einiger Zeit nämlich schon einmal eine Tour durch Afrika mit Amaroks unternommen. Die Reise erlangte besondere Bekanntheit, da sie sich als Flop für "Voetspore" und als PR-Desaster für VW herausstellte (s. Voetspore: Amarok adventures to Egypt). Immerhin: VW hat sich zwischenzeitlich des Problems angenommen und wagt nun einen zweiten Anlauf mit den sympathischen Südafrikanern. 
In conversation with Wolfgang (left) and Olaf we first find out, that both are also coming from the region
around Bonn, and then - even better - that Wolfgang is a friend of Hubert, Martin's brother.
It's a small world!
Im Gespräch mit Wolfgang (links) und Olaf stellt sich zuerst heraus, dass beide ebenfalls aus der Bonner Gegend kommen, und dann - noch besser -, dass Wolfgang ein Freund von Martins Bruder Hubert ist.
Die Welt ist klein!

Everyone who is travelling through Africa knows „Jungle Junction“ and its owner Chris in Nairobi - and I am not exaggerating. Campsite, backpacker lodge, workshop, but mainly meeting point and swap meet for any kind of information given by travellers from north to south and vice versa - this is JJ‘s, as it is called by the insiders. Martin has been here before. For me it is the first time at this almost legendary place. 

Nairobi, the World‘s Only Wildlife Capital / Nairobi, weltweit einzigartige Hauptstadt mit Wildtieren

Momo's second most favorite place on tour (her favorite one is all alone on the passenger seat -
or perhaps even on the driver's seat? Who knows.)
Momos zweitliebster Platz während der Fahrt (ihr liebster ist auf dem Beifahrersitz, ganz alleine sitzend -
oder vielleicht gar auf dem Fahrersitz? Wer weiß das schon.)
The DSWT elephant orphanage, one of Nairobi's top attractions - for me THE no 1
Das Elefantenwaisenhaus des DSWT gilt als eine der Hauptattraktionen Nairobis -
für mich ist es eindeutig DIE Nr. 1
Even Confucius is taking a stand for the endangered rhinoJ
Sogar Konfuzius setzt sich für die bedrohten Nashörner ein
Good to know
Gut zu wissen
(Chronologically this post and the coming ones follow on „Unintentional Deceleration“.) 

Vibrant capital with a population of more than three million inhabitants, and only ten kilometers linear distance from the city centre are living big cats, rhinos, antelopes, zebras & Co. in the wild of the Nairobi National Park - this is Nairobi, and this combination is simply unique in the world. 

20. Juli 2013

Back at the Nile / Zurück am Nil

Atmospheric view from "The Haven" onto the White Nile, Uganda
Stimmungsvoller Blick von "The Haven" auf den Weißen Nil, Uganda
Fishermen at work
Fischer bei der Arbeit
Black Heron, also at work
Schwarzreiher, ebenfalls bei der Arbeit
We are back again in Uganda, after having spent a busy and stunning time in Cape Town. Here are some of our highlights in the mother city for you: 

1. Juli 2013

Guess Where We Are Now / Ratet mal, wo wir jetzt sind

This picture I have taken a few hours ago in our garden, and it shows? Take a good look. Even if you can not believe it, you are right. It is our magnificent Table Mountain in the Mother City!

"What?" you might wonder, as our last post was from the source of the Nile in Uganda, showing our equator crossing, the one before from Nairobi, and now already in Cape Town. "First they are travelling more and more slowly, and all of a sudden they are back home again?" 

Just a short stopover in the mother city...

No, not really. To be honest, we are here just for a short visit. Since we love travelling through Africa so much we are going to stay on tour even longer than initially thought. Hence we decided at short notice to fly in from Uganda for a few days, in order to organize the extension of our tour and to meet & hug our Capetonian friends.