22. April 2015

Why We Couldn't Leave the Western Cape / Warum wir das Western Cape nicht verlassen konnten

Camping on the Klondyke Cherry Farm near Cederberg Mountains...
Campen auf der Klondyke Cherry Farm in der Nähe der Cederberge...
... and in Matroosberg. A SNOWMAN in Africa?
No kidding.There is almost a guarantee of snow in the African winter
because of the altitude (highest mountain in Western Cape: 2 247 metres).
.... und in Matroosberg. Ein SCHNEEMANN in Afrika?
Kein Scherz! Bedingt durch die Höhenlage (der höchste Berg im Western Cape ist
2.247 Meter hoch) liegt hier im afrikanischen Winter fast immer mal Schnee.
SEXy: red grasshopper in action
SEXy: rote Heuschrecken in Aktion
Wild camping in Pearly Beach, South Atlantic Ocean
Wild campen in Pearly Beach am südlichen Atlantik

Initially we wanted to go to Mozambique, to drive a few weeks along the beaches, and from there heading towards Zimbabwe. However, you know our motto is "go with the flow". When we left Cape Town, our friend Klausi recommended to stay at least the first night at a cherry farm about 160 km away from the mother city, roughly in our designated direction. We went there, since we didn't know that site before. We loved the location and area. We stayed another night... well, and then it just happened. We got an insider tipp for another place, and there for a further unknown spot, and so on.

Once more we were fascinated by the scenic splendor of the Western Cape. We allowed ourselves to rediscover our "home" province: to find new locations and also to visit favorite