Often we get asked for inspiring people/projects/organisations worthy to read about and/or support.


On our travelling we meet and visit a lot of so called 'good causes'. Not each of them we can recommend. However, the following ones we find truly amazing and trustworthy:

  • VIVE l'Initiative by founder Franca Berkvens & a team of dedicated people committed to the economic empowerment of girls and women (Mali, Burkina Faso and Ghana)
  • Afi Drill Ranch by Liz Gadsby and Peter Jenkins, a drill rehabilitation and breeding center (Nigeria) und ihre deutsche Unterstützungsorganisation Rettet den Drill (Germany)
  • SOS Elephants of Chad by Stephanie Vergniault, dedicated to the perservation of elephants and their habitats (Chad)
  • Congo Gorilla Protection Project by Damian Aspinall and the Aspinall Foundation, protects a unique ecosystem and tries to stop the rapid decline of critically endangered western lowland gorillas (Republic of the Congo)
  • Walk With Rangers by Raabia Hawa, seeks to raise awareness on the challenges faced by the men and women on the frontlines of the war against poaching - the rangers (Kenya)
  • The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust by Dr. Dame Daphne and Angela Sheldrick, the most successful orphan-elephant rescue and rehabilitation program in the world and one of the pioneering conservation organisations for wildlife and habitat protection in East Africa (Kenya)
  • Jumbo Foundation Elephant Orphanage by Jenny Webb, caring for large wild animals that are milk depended until they are ready to be released back in the wild (Malawi)
  • Greenpop by Misha Teasdale and Lauren O'Donnell, busy planting trees, growing food, educating active citizens and (re)connecting people with the planet across Southern Africa (South Africa, Zambia, Tanzania)
  • Sacred Sites Foundation by Dean Liprini, researchs and protects the sacred sites of South Africa, e.g. Table Mountain (South Africa)  
  • Tracks of Giants, a 5-months-expedition of the well-known conservationists Ian Michler and McCallum from the west coast to the east coast of Africa to promote greater awareness of conservation (Southern Africa)
  • sense africa - Foster Brother Productions by Craig and Damon Foster, touching documentaries which you will not forget (South Africa)
  • Animal Spirit by Anna Breytenbach, interspecies communication (worldwide)
  • Ju/'Hoansi-San and Ju/'Hoansi-San, a peaceful society, one of the most warm-hearted, open, peaceful and connected with Earth tribes we have met so far (Namibia)
  • Dolphin Encountours and Dolphincare by Angie Gullan, protect marine mammals and swimming with wild dolphins (Mozambique)
  • Jane Goodall Institute SA and Chimpanzee Eden by Jane Goodall, rescue and care take of chimpanzees in need of refuge (South Africa)
  • Painted Dog Conservation by Greg Rasmussen, works to save the endangered African wild dog (Zimbabwe)
  • OSCAP, protects endangered species in Southern Africa, focussed on the endangered rhinos (South Africa)


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