19. August 2013

"The Haven" II

Thus it is not surprising that even after coming back from Cape Town we are still enjoying "The Haven" for a while: the impressing birds' singing and for the rest the pleasant peace, the inspiring conversations with our friend Rainer, the tasty food and the cordial service, the fantastic view onto the Nile, our visits in Jinja, second largest town in Uganda, and the romantic tours with our zodiac, which in the end we yet sell here - too few opportunities for use on the road compared to the weight and required space in our camper. Then it is "already" time to leave: The Maasai Mara in Kenya is alluring with the Great Migration, this year earlier than usually. To witness the greatest wildlife spectacle in the world has been my dream for already a long time.

Here some impressions of Jinja:
Hier einige Impressionen aus Jinja:

"The Haven" on the River Nile / "The Haven" am Nil

And then? We are heading to Jinja, second largest town in Uganda on the north shores of Lake Victoria. Only another 20 km in northern direction along the river Nile we finally arrive at "The Haven". This is the lodge of our friend Rainer and his live-in partner Christina. They are waiting for us yet for a long time. 

We are very happy to see each other again. There is a lot to talk about and for us also to gaze: little daughter Lilly (we have seen only pictures of her so far), the stunning situated lodge with campsite, which Rainer has build up over the last years, up to the young bushbuck Majo. He came as a little injured orphan to Rainer and Christina. Tenderly they brought him up on the bottle. 

Group portrait with dogs: we three together with Rainer, Christina and their dog Rex
Gruppenporträt mit Hunden: wir drei zusammen mit Rainer, Christina und ihrem Hund Rex
Two little beauties under the shrub
Zwei kleine Beauties unter dem Busch
Lilly and Momo face to face - well, at least to 50 %...
Lilly und Momo Auge in Auge - okay, aber zumindest zu 50 %...
Who is not fascinated by bushbuck Majo?
Wer ist nicht fasziniert von Buschböckchen Majo? 

Welcome to Uganda / Willkommen in Uganda

Momo is enjoying the airstream
Momo genießt den Fahrtwind
Falls in Sipi Falls, Mt. Elgon
Wasserfall in Sipi Falls, Mount Elgon

We stay overnight at the Crown's Nest in Sipi Falls right at Mount Elgon with prime viewing onto the waterfalls, one of the sights of Uganda. The next morning we notice a delegation inspecting not only the location but also our camper from the outside. As it turns out they are representatives of the Ministry of Tourism. The delegation is visiting touristic destinations in Uganda and by this counseling lodge owners etc. Making Uganda more attractive for tourists is their mission. Not an easy one, given that “The Pearl of Africa”, as it was called by Sir Winston Churchill once, is competing nowadays with neighbour countries such as Kenya and Tanzania. We have some ideas to share, which are gratefully accepted. Then we have a nice talk, ending even in a “sightseeing tour” of our camper.

We always like to meet with different people, their thinking and experience. Being able to exchange views and by this to regularly adjust our own conception of the world is just amazing.

Morning atmosphere in Sipi Falls
Morgendliche Stimmung in Sipi Falls

Mount Elgon - Challenging 4x4 Trail and Likeable People / Mount Elgon, herausfordernde 4x4-Strecke und liebenswerte Menschen

Ouch! Beware of the donkeys at Mt. Elgon!
Autsch! Vorsicht vor den Eseln am Mount Elgon!
Bewitching glance
Bezaubernder Blick
On the foothills of Mt. Elgon
An den Ausläufern des Mount Elgon
Walking Momo - the African way
"Gassi" gehen auf Afrikanisch 
Typical Mt. Elgon 4x4 trail
Typische Mount Elgon 4x4-Strecke