21. Juni 2013

Equator Crossing / Äquator-Überquerung

There are some further posts about our time in and after Nairobi still in the making. However, some concerned friends have contacted us recently as a result of our last post „Unintended Deceleration“, asking if now everything is okay with us and the camper. Hence we feel we have to post an all-clear signal: A-OK! All three of us are fine and also the camper is running again perfectly. (Maybe if I would have checked the engine in the workshop the injector issue would not have come up at all - LOL.)

Meanwhile we crossed the equator and are yet again in the northern hemisphere. Standing on the equator was not different than standing anywhere else in the world (which was, to be honest, a bit disappointing for me. Or have I been just in a wrong „space“?).

7. Juni 2013

Unintended Deceleration / Ungewollte Entschleunigung

Cluelessness in the workshop
Ratlosigkeit in der Werkstatt
We arrived in Nairobi already a couple of days ago. Actually we wanted to stop here just shortly, since we are on our way to Rainer, a friend of ours who owns the lodge "The Haven" in Jinja, Uganda, and who is already waiting for us. However, I said „actually“, for we are still in the capital city of Kenya.

It was just a minor issue which should be fixed in a workshop which, BTW, was highly recommended to us. The emission control system was dirty. We could have carried on with it easily. Yet since we are in a big city we thought it would be better to have it done here. Well, they managed to fix it quickly, BUT.... after having cleaned the control system the engine could be started though it did not show any power. The mechanics then disassembled the engine, reassembled it, and since then the engine cannot be started! On top of that they „killed“ three quite expensive injectors!!!


DSWT - A Haven for Elephant Orphans / Im Elefantenwaisenhaus des DSWT

They are coming - the little elephants of the DSWT
Sie kommen - die kleinen Elefanten des DSWT
Eagerly the elephant orphans are drinking their milk.
Gierig trinken die Elefantenwaisen ihre Milch.

First they are walking slowly one after another. While coming closer, they are getting faster and faster - their large ears are flapping while they start running -, and eagerly they are holding out their trunks towards the object of desire: the milk bottles, which are already hold up by the keepers. Now at the latest each visitor who came to see the young elephants in the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust (DSWT) orphanage in Nairobi is simply melting away. Me too, of course! Looking at the pictures, you too will surely get captured by their charm, won‘t you?