24. Oktober 2013


Together with Momo in my favorite African travel mood
Mit Momo in meinem liebsten afrikanischen Reisemodus
Martin, having a short siesta
Martin bei einem kurzen Mittagsschläfchen

... and their proud owner, a Maasai
... und ihr stolzer Besitzer, ein Maasai
Bananas for sale everywhere on the streets
Bananen werden überall auf der Straße verkauft

KenTanzKen-Mix, what is that? A recipe? A music genre? No, it is none of the two, it is just a post of our current Kenya-Tanzania-Kenya trip. 

After the Maasai Mara we went back to Nairobi and stayed at the Jungle Junction campsite (JJ's), which meanwhile had moved to a new location in Karen Hardy, Congoni Road. What's it like? the travellers amongst you surely want to know. Well, what shall I say... there are still many starting points for optimization, let me turn it this way. At least we can meet other globetrotters there (to Martin's great joy) and we are just ten minutes by car away from the DSWT elephant orphanage (to my great joy), a fact that I used by visiting the baby elephants as often as possible (a post about the DSWT is on the way). 

Amboseli - the Symbol of East Africa / Amboseli - das Sinnbild Ostafrikas

Top view onto Africa's highest mountain, the Kili
Top-Sicht auf den höchsten Berg Afrikas, den Kili

Spotted hyenas and a gazelle - the predators are just watching, luckily!
Tüpfelhyänen und eine Gazelle - die Raubtiere beobachten
ihr potentielles Opfer nur, glücklicherweise!

What is the symbol of East Africa for you? For me it is the snowcapped Mt. Kilimanjaro, and in front herds of elephants, antelopes and other wildlife roaming between fever trees. You think this is a picture from the past? No, it is not, it still exists: in the Amboseli National Park, situated in the South of Kenya close to the Tanzanian border. The view onto Africa's highest mountain is rarely clear, but we are lucky. On our first morning we can marvel at the massif and later on at the abundant wildlife in a varied and fascinating landscape. We were especially delighted to see many herds of elephants, since they are seriously endangered due to the recent dramatic increase in poaching. Also there must have been spring in the air, but check out yourself the pictures below....

Tarangire, Tanzania's Best Well Kept Secret / Tarangire, das best gehütetste Geheimnis Tansanias

Located around 120 km southwest of Arusha there is Tanzania's possibly best well kept secret: the Tarangire National Park. Because of the permanent, life-giving water of the Tarangire River, the park has an abundance of all form of wildlife throughout the year. Yet the Tarangire is especially renowned for its big herds of elephants and unusually large number of huge Baobab trees.

Lots of impressing elephants and Baobab trees: what a fabulous combination to guarantee a perfect safari day for us… we just love it!

7. Oktober 2013

One Year On Tour! / Ein Jahr auf Tour!

Yes, you are reading correctly: On 7 October 2012 we started our tour in Cape Town, and this is exactly a year ago now!

It was by now exciting, fascinating, interesting, sometimes exhausting, funny, educational, heart-warming, surprising, all of this but one - it was not boring. Therefore - and also since there is still so much left of Africa which we have not seen yet due to our deceleration - we will move on: travelling, experiencing, marvelling, enjoying.... and blogging for you.

Interim Summary

As a little interim summary here are some of the questions which often come up - and our answers:

Which place did you like the most so far?

Difficult question. So many places have been fascinating, yet the utmost highlights so far were:

Which have been your most impressing experiences so far?

in chronological order:
  • Our meeting in Zimbabwe with a village chief. He considered our choice to stay overnight under their sacred baobab tree as a blessing. Sacred Baobab Tree / Heiliger Baobab 
  • Our encounter in the house of Jenny in Malawi with her little adoptee, the elephant orphan baby Moses: Sneak Preview Moses, RIP Little Moses
  • My first view of the Mt. Kilimanjaro, which was in January from the Lake Jipi in Kenya. At that time I had no clue how often this giant of almost 6,000 m height would yet impress me in the following months with its beauty and magnitude. For Martin: the breathtaking view a couple of days ago from Willi's premises in the Amboseli/Kenya onto the Kili, this time extraordinarily snow-capped.
  • The visit of our friends Bernd & Claudia. Together we went on safari through several national parks in Tanzania - great fun!!!  Safari with Friends / Safari mit Freunden
  • My several visits at the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust orphanage in the Nairobi NP. It is always so heart-warming witnessing the joy of living of these little baby elephants. And my heart sinks when I realize: we humans are now busy exterminating these highly intelligent, deeply social and touchingly sensitive animals - if we are not able to stop this senseless slaughtering very soon. DSWT - A Haven for Elephant Orphans / Im Elefantenwaisenhaus des DSWT, Visiting my Foster „Child“ Ajabu at the DSWT / Zu Besuch im DSWT bei meinem Paten“kind“ Ajabu. Please also watch this new and powerful DSWT-video WILD: DSWT
  • ... and of course the intense encounters with other travellers and hospitable people - once strangers who are now familiar persons or even friends. THANKS TO YOU for your time, support, help, tips, stories - in brief: for enriching our first year OnTour the amazing way you did!


What surprised you the most?


  • the spontaneous hospitality of the Africans
  • how many interesting people we meet along the way
  • the cellphone as the most important and most prevalent personal item - however not just as a status symbol but also as a useful tool, e.g. in order to stay in contact with family members being far away, to make payments etc.
  • the importance of story-telling in Africa: with good, gripping, funny stories you can not only amaze people or make them laugh but also solve (nearly) every problem that way
  • Many people own very little, although they are quite content. We do not conclude that satisfaction is a result of owning just a little. Yet isn't it thought-provoking that there are people in the world owning much more while being clearly more dissatisfied?
  • the realization: travelling is addictive.