30. Juni 2014

Faces & More / Gesichter & mehr

I admit: this little sweetie took my heart by storm.
Ich geb's zu: Die süße Maus eroberte mein Herz im Sturm.

In Bahir Dar, a town situated on the southern shore of Lake Tana in northwestern Ethiopia, we decided to visit the daily central market even several times. We were fascinated by the hustle and bustle, but even more by the people. They were open and cordial, still unspoilt by tourism.

25. Juni 2014

Rarefied Air and Rare Species / Dünne Luft und seltene Tiere

Giant lobelia plants in the Bale Mountains
Riesenlobelien in den Bale Mountains
Yes, this is Africa, too.
Ja, auch das ist Afrika.
Beautiful animal, alas quite rare: the Ethiopian wolf.
Wunderschönes Tier, leider äußerst selten: der Äthiopische Wolf.
Harenna Forest: mystic and fairytale
Der Harenna Forest: mystisch und märchenhaft

"You urgently have to go to the Bale Mountains and look for the Ethiopian wolf", a South African friend told us before we started our tour. The animal is regarded as the world's rarest canide with an overall adult population estimated at just 360-440 individuals.

Even two wolves

Dear Andrew, we have been in the
Bale Mountains National Park in the southeast of Ethiopia. And we were quite successful, as we have seen even two Ethiopian wolves. Beautiful animals! They don't really look like their European brothers, rather like a mix of a jackal and a dog, and they mainly live on small rodents. Obviously the cows which are grazing there (yeees, I know, cows don't belong in a National Park, but that is another story), are aware of their dietary habits too, cause they kept calm when one of the wolves drew closer to them. What a surprising sight.

Wow - that high

Apropos surprising:
We were gasping for breath, and first I thought it was just due to a lack of sporting activities. But then I checked the GPS and was immediately relieved, for we were on the Sanetti Plateau at an altitude of 4,000 m. Well...

23. Juni 2014

Ethiopia (5) : Spectacular Landscapes, Stunning Beauties, Spitting Beings and Swift Stones / Äthiopien (5): Spektakuläre Landschaften, schöne Menschen, spuckende Wesen & schnelle Steine

Momo, flabby due to heavy tick fever
Momo, völlig schlapp vom Zeckenfieber
Interesting facade design in Addis Abeba
Interessante Fassadengestaltung in Addis Abeba
"Ah, that's how it works?!" Get inspired in the Tomoca Coffee House in Addis
"Ach, so geht das?!" Inspiration im Tomoca Coffee House in Addis
Gambia Street, Addis Abeba
Tea time at the Sabana Beach Resort, Langano lake, south of Addis
Tea Time im Sabana Beach Resort am Langano-See, südlich von Addis
Say cheese! Vervet monkey, Aregash Lodge in Yirgalem
Bitte lächeln! Grüne Meerkatze in der Aregash Lodge in Yirgalem
Stunning sunset! What do you see in the sky?
Faszinierender Sonnenuntergang! Was seht ihr am Himmel?

From Lalibela via Addis Abeba back to Kenya


Oh no, not that! Tick fever!

The next morning Momo did not really want to get up. Normally she is ready early in the morning, waving her tail and waiting for us to let her out as soon as possible. The previous days she had been a bit limply, had eaten and drunken just a little, and I already started worrying about her. But that day she could hardly come out of the camper. Then I even noticed that her urin was red - oh nooooooo! Startled I told Martin about it. He just looked at me wide-eyed. We decided to drive asap to the next available competent vet, who was, as we then found out, only in Addis Abeba - which was "just" 680 km away! We hit the road. Momo and I were sharing my seat. She was laying there feverish and completely worn out. Once in a while she looked at us with feeble eyes, seeking help. She could not get up by herself anymore. Both of us were so sad about it, for we could not really help her. Martin was driving and driving and driving. I wrapped her in a damp cloth against the fever. She refused to drink. After several vain attempts I finally managed to get hold of the vet on the phone. His remote diagnosis: Tick fever. We should give her glucose as soon as possible. This one luckily gets in nearly every pharmacy even in the countryside. Yet Momo did not want to take it. So we had to force her a bit, she urgently needed liquid. After 14 hours of driving, thereof six in the dark, we approached Addis. Whacked, but glad to be finally there.

The next morning we were at the vet. Momo could not even stand on her legs. Sie got several injections. "Will she make it?", I asked the vet fearfully. He just looked at me with a shrug and replied: "I don't know." Well, that was honest, yet not really encouraging.

We are back again! / Wir sind wieder da!

Sorry for having been quiet for so long. Some of you were already wondering - I know. It is just that coming back home from a 18 months-tour takes much longer to really settle down than initially expected. On top of that a few urgent conservation projects needed my attention. But here I am now, ready to experience again - this time together with you - our journey from Ethiopia to Cape Town in reports and pictures. Off we go!

Wir sind wieder da!

Sorry, dass hier so lange Stille herrschte. Einige von euch haben sich bereits darüber gewundert, ich weiß. Ehrlich gesagt hat es doch deutlich länger gedauert als ursprünglich angenommen, sich nach 18 Monaten "on tour" wieder an Zuhause zu gewöhnen. Außerdem gab es einige dringende Tierschutz-Projekte, um die ich mich gekümmert habe. Doch jetzt bin ich wieder da. Bereit, um unsere Reise von Äthiopien nach Kapstadt gemeinsam mit euch noch einmal in Fotos und Berichten zu erleben. Also los geht's!