25. Februar 2013

New Year's Greetings in Italian / Neujahrsgrüße auf Italienisch

The Kenyan kids are surprising us with their greetings in Italian -
and we them with Momo as our co-driver.
Die kenianischen Kinder überraschen uns mit ihren Grüßen auf Italienisch -
und wir sie mit Momo als unserer Beifahrerin.
One beautiful ray of hope in Malindi
Ein schöner Lichtblick in Malindi

„Felice Anno Nuovo!“ Nice, but not surprising are those greetings for New Year in Italy. Nice, but irritating are they however in Kenya. First we guess that we are mishearing. Yet there is no doubt. Beside Swahili people in the region around Malindi an the Kenyan seaside are speaking not mainly English, but... Italian. Obvious reason: The area is a popular holiday destination for Flavio Briatore and many others of his fellow countrymen. 

7. Februar 2013

Globetrotter at the Tiwi Beach / Globetrotter am Tiwi Beach

View from our camper onto Tiwi Beach...
Blick von unserem Camper auf die Tiwi Beach ... 
so lässt es sich aushaltenJ!
Magic tree in the midst of the campsite
Magischer Baum mitten auf der Campsite

Around Pangani / In der Nähe von Pangani

Short ferry crossing in Pangani
Kurzes Übersetzen mit der Fähre in Pangani
Drying of sisal
Trocknen von Sisalfasern
Art meets nature - thanks again Ciske for your amazing design!
Kunst trifft auf Natur - nochmals herzlichen Dank für dein wundervolles Design, Ciske!

Can Butterflies Save the Rainforest? / Können Schmetterlinge den Regenwald retten?

© Amani Butterfly Project
A bold question, or rather a crazy one? Whatsoever, the idea behind it is a fascinating one. In order to save the last remaining rainforests of the East Usambara mountains, the Tanzanian government had turned the region into the Amani Nature Rainforest. 

As a result of areas being declared nature reserves the communities nearby normally impoverish since they cannot use the rainforest for deforestation or the newly protected areas as farmland any more. Hence they often do not like nor support conservation measures as they perceive them as a burden or discrimination against themselves. 

Summer Retreat in the Usambaras / Sommerfrische Usambara-Berge

Amani (= peace in Kiswahili) in the Usambaras
Amani (= Frieden auf Kiswahili) in den Usambaras 
Looks like a building in the Alpes but is located in Tanzania
Sieht aus wie ein Gebäude des Deutschen Alpenvereins, liegt aber in Tansania
Lonely on the roads in Usambara´s jungle
Einsam auf den Dschungelwegen in den Usambaras
The Usambara mountains have already been popular as a so called summer retreat for a long time. Hence we go there for another cooling before driving back to the close and hot seaside.

98 % = 0 Power

Beach of Bagamoyo after a heavy rain shower
Strand von Bagamoyo nach einem kräftigen Regenschauer
A shy smile
Ein schüchternes Lächeln
Pretty derelicted, Bagamoyo!
Ganz schön verfallen, Bagamoyo!
As much as we were looking forward to the east coast of Africa, as much we immediately become aware of the downside of living next to the Indian Ocean at this time of the year: the stickiness! Humidity of 98% is not an exception. And when the wind stops blowing, it makes you sweat, in the true sense of the word. Our deference to people living permanently in such a climate and even working efficiently is growing day by day. The higher and longer lasting the humidity is the more our motivation and productivity is decreasing. In order to cool down at night we cover ourselves with a damp (!) bedsheet.

Haven of Peace.../ Hafen des Friedens...

Dar – a perspective from the water
Dar vom Wasser aus gesehen
The South Beaches, a nice part of Dar
Ein schöner Teil von Dar: die South Beaches
  • ... is the translation for Dar Es Salaam. This is a kind expression for a city which nowadays is characterized more by infecting hectic, overpopulation and infrastructural problems.

Solo in Zanzibar / Allein auf Sansibar

In the streets of Stone Town
In den Gassen von Stone Town
Public transfer on the spice island
So reist man öffentlich auf der Gewürzinsel
Always on the scout: a rare endemic Zanzibar red colobus
Immer auf Beobachtung: ein seltener, endemischer Sansibar Rotkopf Guereza, 
auch roter Colobusaffe genannt
Yes, you are reading correctly: I am solo in Zanzibar, without Martin and Momo. Why that, you may ask yourself? You would not guess. There are a lot of Muslims living at the Tanzanian coast. In Zanzibar even 95% of the population are Muslim. Be it caused by their religion or not
many of them have problems with dogs. Thus we have a problem to travel with Momo from the mainland to the island. Hence it is just me going with the ferry to Zanzibar only for three days while Martin and Momo are staying on the campsite at the South Beaches of Dar.

Of course solo I cannot enjoy the romantic island of spices as much as together with Martin. However I try my very best quite successfullyJ...

What is this kernel? If you know, you are more informed than I was before... it is a nutmeg
Der Kern ist.... ja, wisst ihr´s? Dann seid ihr schlauer als ich es zuvor war: eine Muskatnuss